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Free download FutureCop - Run and Gun APK for Android

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  • time:2024-06-12
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Description of FutureCop - Run and Gun You are a badass Cop, in the future. Save the world from the alien invasion, in this oldschool styled awesome retro 8bit pixel graphic game! Run and gun down those aliens, TIME your jumps right, and collect the PowerUps to get the most metal gears and climb your way up the leaderboard! Can you find the hidden achievment?-Xperiay Play optimized.1app 2014 Mobile Developer Contest 2nd place in Game Category.

Version history FutureCop - Run and Gun New in FutureCop 1.4 v1.4-Merry Christmas!-New holiday art-New weapon: snowflake bazookav1.3:-New Heads Up Display (HUD)!-New Particle Effects!-New Enemy Type!v1.2:-New weapon upgrade system!v1.1.2 (hotfix):-Fixed a bug on the Game Over screen, now the buttons works correctly, even with wi-fi turned offv1.1:- Google Play Games Services SDK updated to latest version-Redesigned menu, now you can disable automatic login on startup Easier navigation-Improved loading screens-Minor bugfixes Plrummy bonus 51 rupees freeease rate this app

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